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We are experts in integration of marketing to build brands through technology. Our team has built incredible, progressive brands in technology, retail and media. 


Smaller and Mid tier clients struggle managing the patchwork of creative, agency and media partners needed to build their business and brand. The high turnover and lack of knowledge capture is inefficient. 


Larger multi-brand, multi-national corporations are beholden to the holding companies who have built or rented platforms that lock clients into their services. They are not technology companies. The churn of marketing executives, agencies and agency staff has forced clients to begin again…over and over. 


Data and assets are the property of clients, but the taxonomy, the blueprints or architecture of brands is lost when changes in partners occur. It forces constant reinvention. However, marketing is evolutionary, not revolutionary. shifts the power dynamic and puts knowledge and asset capture into the hands of the brand…without disinter-mediating the roster of ever changing agency partners.


As one prospect said; “ is a DAM on steroids!”

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Get to Know Us has emerged as a powerful force in the marketing industry. Our founders are seasoned executives with a track record of success, having built divisions for industry giants like WPP and Omnicom, taken companies public like BankRate, launched integrated brand campaigns for GE, AARP, the Ad Council and Ideal Image, and created technologies like the first consumer fintech brand, the leading private marketplace and mobile advertising platform for the US Broadcast industry (acquired by Nexstar Media) helped launch the FOX Business Network, Bloomberg Online and the systems that run the police and fire departments systems for the city of NY.


Our team is expanding and accelerating. We are currently accepting new clients for trial. 


But enough about us. Tell us about you and your company’s need for a Creative Operating System. Technology that aggregates every piece of creative that communicates your brand. A solution that allows you to see results in real-time, react faster, and create operational efficiency. A technology that makes your marketing evolutionary, not revolutionary.


As a growing Startup, we are always looking for new team members. Whether you’re interested in business or have something innovative and unique to bring to the table, we’d love to see if you’re a good fit. Send us your CV today to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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