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The API Economy:
Creative Performance and Data In Color

The API Economy is an evolution of access to data and integration of technologies. The result is more measurable, with more real-time insights into what your marketing delivers for your dollar. Our technology aggregates APIs, allowing you to turn on insights and analysis with the most powerful platforms in media and marketing. 

Unlike other platforms that aggregate APIs and allow you to view "dashboards of metrics," displays performance through GREEN, YELLOW and RED overlays. Why? Because marketers need a quick view of what's working and what's not across all marketing assets without having to weed through endless data. Our proprietary algorithm turns the overlay shades of these three colors to denote the strength or weakness of creative assets. 

This enables faster decisions, sharing, and, most importantly, waste savings. 

Analog assets? No problem. The interface allows your teams to input KPIs that drive these colors. 

This is your "Bloomberg Terminal" for marketing. It's your "Salesforce Dashboard" for creative. Ultimately, gives you the control you need to be more successful with your marketing dollars. 

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